Customer Blog

Power Outages 12/17/20, 8:00 AM

This morning portions of the Sugarloaf network are down due to wide spread power outages around Dickerson, Adamstown, Barnesville, and Lucketts.  At this time we are in the process of gathering data about the extent of the outages.  Crews from Novec, Dominion, and Pepco are currently on-site at several locations working on the problems.  No estimates on repair times at this time.   As soon as power is restored at each location, Internet connectivity will be restored.

Network Restored 12/14/20, 1:30 PM

Following today’s storm, it appears power has been restored to all locations in the areas of Dickerson and Lucketts.  At this time, all portions of the Sugarloaf network are fully functional.  As long as power remains on, the network should remain stable.

If you are experiencing network problems, please check 301-605-6450 for updated network information, or check the Support page at